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Logary's pricing is transparent. You don't have to sign up to a newsletter to know what it would cost you to run it for your for-profit service. Licenses are yearly and subscription based.

You can load- and stress-test in a test-/staging-environment, for free, as long as that environment never serves production traffic.

1 core
8 cores
30 cores
1 developer
3 developers
15 developers
1 year
2 years
15 years

Total (for 2 years): 1554 EUR

Subsequently: 444 EUR/year

Your license will be delivered by e-mail 📧 upon purchase.


This form reflects your selection above. You're purchasing a license for 8 cores, 3 developers for 2 years. This sets up a subscription, so that after 2 years, you'll be charged 444 EUR at the beginning of the year.

Subtotal: 1554 EUR
VAT (25%): 388.5 EUR
Total: 1942.5 EUR